Our Portfolios

Everything is designed.
Few things are designed well.


》Web Design & Branding


Bu’ Nyo! is food services based on homemade.The best menu is Pepes Ikan Mas. Spicy and savory blend together.

We designed a web for Bu’ Nyo! with requirements : colorplay with food image focus and clear content. Simplicity & Clarity.
As additional services, we create some design for goodybag, marketing package for WhatsApp status, Instagram post and others. Free charge!.
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》Web Design & Company Profile


Hana Mitra Indonesia is specialized company in belt conveyor solution services. Produce quality product with high rubber that certified by BASF Chemical.

We designed a web for Hana Mitra Indonesia with requirements : focus on services and spesification material with good view even for mobile devices. As additional services, we create company profile and a logo letter with simple concept but remarkable. Ease to known with bright color.
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》Web Design, Project Management & Branding


Tri Buana Konstruksi is Engineering Procurement & Construction Services that based on Cilegon. They have many customer with different requirement projects in Indonesia.

We designed a web for Tri Buana Konstruksi with requirements : project management feature to ease their customer control project progress without old style report. All report are updated with pdf report and each their client has different access project. For design, they request for banner that will be installed in mainroad.
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